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1516 Demonbreun • Nashville, TN, 37203

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More Than Just IV Hydration

We are a health and wellness clinic in Nashville, that specializes in IV treatments for a variety of reasons!

 Our most popular IV treatments are: Vitamin C IVs,  Hangover Cures, Skin Hydration & Tightening, Cold & Flu Recovery, Stress Relief and Athelte Recovery. 


Medical Director

Aqua Ambassadors

Josh Gamble

Personal Trainer

Josh Gamble has been the fitness industry instructing personal training, as well as group fitness for 10+ years. His passion has been helping individuals reach and maintain their fitness goals. He has always played sports or been in the gym working out for as long as he can remember. Being active has always been a part of his life and daily routine.

Wether he’s playing basketball, running a 5k, or sweating it during H.I.I.T. workout at Barrys Bootcamp, staying hydrated is the most important part. “Keeping yourself properly hydrated is one of the best ways to stay healthy and maintain a proper body weight”, says Josh, “Vida-Flo helps me with that extra edge of keeping my body fully hydrated and allowing me to keep my body in the best possible shape.”

Hailey Steele

Hailey Steele is a singer/songwriter from South Dakota who moved to Nashville in 2007 to pursue music. Since then she has appeared on The Voice with her duo The LiNE, as well as the last season of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Her solo single "Where I Thought I'd Be" debuted last year and was one of CMT's picks for the Artist Discovery Program.

She has been involved with Song Suffragettes, and wrote the single "Fight Like A Girl" for Kalie Shorr, the program's pioneer artist. She's toured with everybody from Kelsea Ballerini to Stephen Kellogg to Willie Nelson.

When she's not on the road, she is in town writing and recording up to 6 days a week, and hydration is essential. "My voice is my instrument on and off the road, and if it doesn't work I can't work. For me, coming to Vida-Flo is not only hydrating, but it's anti-inflammatory, and knowing that it's getting my voice back to 100 is as stress-relieving as it is effective."

Derrick Billups

City Fit Concierge was created to provide clients with the best on-site fitness and wellness experience that Nashville has to offer. Whether you are at home, the office or hotel, our City Fit specialists will bring the fitness and wellness to you! Our group of certified professionals range from personal trainers, group fitness instructors, yoga instructors, runners, nutritionist and massage therapist. We pride ourselves in providing a well rounded experience for our clients creating a convenient and stress-free environment.

Lauren Atkinson

In 2013, Lauren quit her successful job managing a local floral shop and all of their events—and jumped headfirst – as she does with most things—into bringing LMA Designs to life. Her fearlessness, passion for her craft and drive to deliver high-quality results for her clients has allowed the company to become one of the premier floral design companies in Nashville.

The L, the M and the A of LMA Designs, Lauren is the heart and soul of the team—she is one of those rare breeds that is not only a logistical expert but also a creative type. Chalk it up to growing up on her family’s flower farm and a lifetime of designing florals but Lauren has an unmatched eye for design and a knack for reflecting clients’ individual styles through events.

She brings a deep passion to everything she does, whether it’s cooking, Crossfit or working with the local Down Syndrome achievement center, Gigi’s Playhouse—for which she was recently awarded the Gloria and Cindy Koch Volunteer Spirit of the Year Award.

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