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America’s Hydration Experts


Vida-Flo offers the most effective and medically efficient way for Americans to rehydrate their bodies

Vida-Flo operates and is held to the same standards as a doctor’s office. Each clinic is overseen by a state medical board certified physician who acts as Medical Director. All procedures are administered by licensed physician assistants, registered nurses and nurse practitioners in an ultra-clean, safe and soothing environment.

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All doctors agree, hydration therapy is extremely effective in returning you to peak condition before or after athletic competition or when recovering from sicknesses that deplete the body of fluids. In addition, staying hydrated leads to healthy skin, beautiful hair and increased energy levels.

Hydrate on the inside for the outside. Shampoos and lotions pale in comparison to intravenous fluids and vitamins when trying to achieve outer beauty.

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Maximize fluids and electrolytes before a big race or rehydrate after a big match in an affordable and time efficient way.

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Does the flu or a stomach bug have you down? Are you on vacation or preparing for a big meeting? No need to cancel or stay in bed, we can have you back on your feet and feeling 100% in no time.

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We vow to provide an affordable, effective and medically beneficial service in a a friendly, courteous and relaxing enviroment.

Our body screams for water to help combat the effects of alcohol overindulgence, a bout with the flu and especially after a heavy workout. IV hydration allows you to absorb large amounts of fluids, the equivalent of 2.5 gallons of water, in a relatively short period of time.

Vida-Flo was created to help people achieve the goal of a physically well-conditioned and healthy lifestyle

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