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Is tomorrow the big race, the one for which you have trained the last 3 months?

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Do you have sales calls with your boss today or have to coach a little league game this afternoon and probably should have said "no" to the last bottle of wine last night?

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Have you spent the last 24 hours between your bed and the commode because that new restaurant in your neighborhood failed their health inspection?

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Quickly Recover From Ailments Such As...

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Amy W. Atlanta, GA

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Mike R. Newburyport, MA

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Ike Stubblefield Legendary Rock Organ Virtuoso

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Cold, Flu or Stomach Bug


Athletic Overexertion Burnout


Overindulgence & Hangover

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Less Than An Hour Is All It Takes!

Vida-Flo offers the most effective and medically safest way for Atlantans to rehydrate their bodies. The treatment allows for highly enhanced athletic performance and treats the effects of various illnesses and hangovers. All of our procedures are done by licensed medical professionals in a clean, soothing environment. For the squeamish we offer non-intravenous treatment that achieves terrific results.

If there is one thing on which doctors can agree, hydration therapy is extremely effective in returning you to peak condition before or after athletic competition or when recovering from sickness that depletes the body of fluids.

Whether you want to maximize fluids and electrolytes before a big race, need to rehydrate after the big match, are recovering from a 24 hour bug or just had one too many the night before, Vida-Flo provides the solution in an affordable and time efficient way.

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